We use a cleaning checklist for our commercial cleaning services on the Gold Coast.

This checklist helps our cleaners to not miss a spot in their cleaning routine and gurantees sparkling results for every clean.


      • Clean and sanitize toilet & exterior area
      • Clean and sanitize sinks & counter area
      • Clean mirrors and glass
      • Sweep and mop the floor
      • Replace toilette paper & hand towels
    • OFFICE

      • Dust & wipe desks
      • Dust the surfaces of furnishings
      • Sanitize the telephone and key boards
      • Vacuum floor
      • Empty bins & replace bin bag

      • Wipe down tables & cabinets
      • Clean refrigerator & microwave ovens
      • Clean and sanitize sinks
      • Sweep and mop floors
      • Vacuum carpets

      • Replace waste bags
      • Clean mirrors and windows
      • Dust and sanitize the area
      • Vacuum carpets and rugs
      • Sweep and mop hard floors

      • Mop floors with hot water
      • Remove transh and bin liners
      • Clean walls and remove marks
      • Wipe hard surfaces
      • Keep vents dust free

      • Wipe desks including monitor
      • Replace bin liners, clean bin
      • Wipe door handles, sills and doors
      • Dust skirting board
      • Remove marks from walls and columns

High standard of cleaning at an affordable price.

We prioritize the following.

Commercial cleaning is what we do best – so you can relax and excel at your job. We provide tailored cleaning services that make you feel good and comfortable in your work place.

We use powerful PH neutral cleaning products to protect your health, property and environment. You, your staff, customers and guests will notice the difference in your spotless, sanitized and fresh feeling workplace.

At the end of the day, we only clean to make you happy. If for any reason you think that our cleaning services did not meet your expactations, please contact us. We highly value open communication with all of our clients.